Overnight Care – Active / non Active

active and Non Active overnight care service

Overnight Care Services Active and Non-Active Care for Your Loved Ones

At Everyday Care and Support, our teams have been dedicated to helping people live at home safely and comfortably. We understand that sometimes, individuals require a little extra assistance, which is why we offer our top-rated Overnight Care Services. We provide both active and non-active overnight care to support you and your loved ones through the night, ensuring safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

What is Overnight Care?

We understand that choosing to enlist the help of an overnight home care specialist can be a challenging decision. For numerous older individuals residing at home, friends and relatives can provide assistance with daily tasks as required, making the need for live-in home care or a nursing home not isn’t yet necessary.

The service of providing overnight home care for the elderly, disabled, or individuals with complex care requirements or mental health challenges is most valuable. It enables your loved one to maintain their independence and continue living their life as freely as possible.

What is Active Overnight Care?

At Everyday Care and Support, we recognize the distinct needs of each client. Hence, we provide both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ overnight care solutions. Our active overnight home care services ensure continuous support for our clients throughout the night. Our dedicated care worker remains alert during their shift, ensuring your loved one’s safety and support all night long. This care model is particularly suited for the elderly, disabled clients, and those requiring a higher level of care.

What is Non Active Overnight Care?

Many of our clients manage to live independently and securely at home for the majority of the time. Nonetheless, they might occasionally encounter challenges during the night.

This is often true for elderly individuals, those experiencing mild or mid-stage dementia, or clients who need to administer medication once or twice during the night. For these clients with less complicated care requirements, safe home living can be achieved by simply having the necessary support available if and when it’s needed.

Typically, our non-active overnight care staff will provide assistance to our clients once during the night. However, our service’s flexibility ensures that additional help is always accessible if needed throughout the night.

What Services are Provided During Overnight Care?

We understand that your loved one’s overnight care requirements are unique and might fluctuate from time to time. Therefore, we provide a variety of in-home care services to meet our clients, irrespective of their care level needs. The following are some of the services provided during our active and inactive overnight home care:

Medication Assistance: One of the crucial aspects of providing effective overnight care is ensuring that prescribed medication is taken on time and in the correct manner. Our caregivers will assist with the administration or prompting of medication and help your loved ones stay on track with their health requirements.

Meal Preparation: We understand that having a healthy meal is vital to maintaining energy levels and overall wellness. Our care professionals can assist with meal preparations in the evenings , ensuring that your loved one receives a nutritious and delicious dinner.

Falls Prevention: Fall risks can be a significant concern, particularly for the elderly and individuals with limited mobility. Our overnight care staff are trained in fall prevention techniques to make sure your loved ones are safe and sound throughout the night. With proper assessment, we can help to reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Support and Reassurance: Emotional well-being is just as important as physical health. Our overnight caregivers will provide companionship, reassurance, and emotional support to help alleviate any anxiety or loneliness that may occur during the night.

When is it time for overnight care?

If you or your loved one has friends or family providing support during the day for daily needs, but struggles with being home alone at night, it might be the right time to think about employing an overnight home care service.

Numerous individuals who can generally live independently may benefit from overnight assistance. This could be help with medication administration, ensuring safe trips to the bathroom, or simply having someone around in case there is a need.

Take the first step towards peace of mind and contact Everyday Care and Support today to learn more about our active and non-active overnight care services. Your comfort and security are our top priorities, so let us support you in your time of need.