Daily Living Assistance

Experience Independent Living with Our Daily Living Assistance

At Everyday Care and Support, we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to lead an independent life. NDIS assistance with daily life is designed to offer help or oversight with routine personal tasks, empowering the participant to lead  as independent a life as possible. These supports are tailored to each participant’s needs and can be provided in various settings, including the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Us for Your NDIS Assistance with Daily Life?

Our expert team of compassionate and highly trained professionals are dedicated to helping you live independently, providing you with tailored support to suit your unique needs. But why should you trust us with your daily living assistance needs?

Personalised Service: We work closely with you to assess your needs and create a customised plan that ensures you receive the right support and assistance to maintain your independence.

Flexible and Friendly Environments: Our daily living assistance services can be provided in a variety of settings, including your own home or an assisted living facility.

Strong Community Ties: We build strong connections within your community, helping you make new friends and develop social skills.

Goal-Driven Approach: Our team works alongside you to develop individual skills and complete goals.

Our Services

Our range of services is designed to empower you, making everyday tasks efficient, manageable and enjoyable. The key services include:

Assistance with Daily Living Activities: We provide support for personal activities such as personal hygiene, medication administration prompts and reminders to keep you healthy and ready for the day ahead.

Social Skills Development: We help you make new friends, build new relationships and develop social skills to increase your confidence and happiness.

Home Safety Training: Learn how to stay safe at home with our safety training and support tailored to your individual needs.

Budgeting Assistance: Our team can provide support in setting financial goals, enabling you to manage your finances effectively and with confidence.

Travel Training Skills: We offer training in independent travel or transportation support where required.

Take the Next Step to a More Independent Life with Everyday Care and Support

Don’t let the challenges of daily life keep you from living independently. Reach out to our team at Everyday Care and Support today to discover how our NDIS assistance with daily life can change your life for the better.