Household Tasks

Household Tasks Helping You Live Your Life with Ease

Living with a disability can make it difficult to carry out daily tasks and activities around your home. Simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning can become a challenge when you are faced with physical or neurological limitations. We understand the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities, and we are committed to providing exceptional support services that are specifically designed to accommodate your individual needs.

Indoor Household Support

Our offerings are tailored to meet all your needs for maintaining a clean and secure atmosphere in your home, including:

Vacuuming and mopping floors: Keep your living spaces dirt-free and hygienic with our thorough cleaning services.

Dusting and wiping surfaces: Remove dust and allergens from your home, providing a friendly and healthier environment.

Kitchen cleaning: Maintain a sparkling clean kitchen, including areas like sinks, taps, benches, and microwaves.

Bathroom cleaning: Keep your bathroom immaculate, including toilets, showers, and baths for a fresh and germ-free space.

Outdoor and Supportive Services

Our services extend beyond the interior of your home. We’re here to assist you with:

Gardening: Let us take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your garden, ensuring it stays beautiful and functional.

Backyard cleaning: Keep your outdoors tidy and clean with our efficient backyard cleaning services.

Grocery shopping: Enjoy easy grocery shopping assistance that meets your needs and preferences.

Garbage disposal: Keeping our surroundings clean. Regular garbage disposal for a healthier environment.

Make Everyday Household Tasks Easier with Our Expert Assistance

Our team is here for you. Let Everyday Care and Support help you manage your household tasks, and in turn, build a more fulfilling and independent life.